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Nordlo helps Bräcke diakoni contribute to a more caring society

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The challenge

“A more compassionate society” is the vision of Sweden's biggest non-profit healthcare provider, Bräcke Diakoni. A stable, secure IT environment is essential for the 50+ existing practices if Bräcke Diakoni's operation is to live up to this vision by delivering care of the highest quality.

“High availability and good functions in our critical business systems help our employees be more efficient in their day-to-day work. This was not the case when we began talks with Nordlo, when we were facing several major challenges. Not only did we need an IT environment that would meet our requirements for availability and functionality, we also wanted to develop a platform that allowed both increased productivity and greater mobility and which could accommodate our planned growth,” says Bräcke Diakoni's IT department.

Because Bräcke Diakoni's IT environment was not scalable, its operations-related IT was not suitable for the planned rapid growth rate. In their hunt for a new, efficient IT system that was able to meet requirements, Bräcke Diakoni made contact with Nordlo.

“Our goal is to focus on our core activities. These do not include IT, but we're dependent on effective IT support that meets the needs of all of our practices”

The solution

After gaining an understanding for Bräcke Diakoni's requirements, plans were made to move over from the previous IT supplier to Nordlo. Thanks to Nordlo's project methodology, which follows a clear, straightforward plan, there was minimal impact on the day-to-day work of the healthcare provider's employees.

“We began by setting up common goals for the takeover and all of the improvement projects. The overall goal was to make radical changes in the technical environment and the underlying IT architecture to provide a reliable, cost-effective IT environment that supported the foundation's future growth. 

It also included creating stable, controlled management of the overall IT environment, i.e. developing processes and procedures able to handle incidents and changes in a controlled manner,” explains Ola Hammarstedt, Key Account Manager at Nordlo in Göteborg.

Since completion of the transition project, Nordlo is able to deliver a complete, service-based IT environment with associated user support and a focus on streamlining and improving operations-related IT. This allows Bräcke Diakoni to focus on its core operation.

Customer value

Today, with Nordlo as its supplier, Bräcke Diakoni has a scalable IT environment that provides support and security for continued rapid growth within the organisation. Nordlo is responsible for managing development and streamlining of the IT environment, and for making sure the solution is both reliable and cost-effective. Today, Bräcke Diakoni is able to focus on its core operation and leave IT operations to Nordlo.

About Bräcke diakoni
The Bräcke diakoni foundation was established in 1923 and is now Sweden's biggest non-profit healthcare provider with more than 1,200 employees. It is based in Gothenburg, but has more than 50 different operations nationwide. Its practices cover many different fields, but are divided into three main areas, Care for the Elderly & Hospice; Rehab & Disabilities, and Health & Healthcare. The healthcare provider not only focuses on the continued development of quality and content in its existing practices, but also continued growth geographically and in terms of volume. More about Bräcke diakoni.

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Ola Hammarstedt
Key Account Manager and sales, Nordlo in Göteborg

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