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Automate your onboarding process in the cloud

90 per cent of HR managers state that their employees will be allowed to work from home even when a Covid-19 vaccine is widely available to all. And many believe that even employees in occupations that previously offered no opportunity for remote working will also be able to work away from the office in the future. For companies, this change means, among other things, that HR processes that are usually dealt with in the office at present will need to be digitalised to some extent in order to be able to meet these new needs.

Digitalising processes, such as onboarding new employees, doesn’t need to be a burden on HR managers. Not only can the actual work be automated when it is handled digitally, there is also an opportunity to undertake onboarding for employees who are in another location. Which in turn results in many positions that previously had to be tied to a location no longer needing to be.

And in contrast to what you might think, you don’t need expensive systems or advanced applications to start automating onboarding processes. It can be done in standard business systems that can be found in various kinds of platforms, such as in Microsoft 365.

How automated onboarding processes work

“One common challenge among those customers I meet is to eliminate the manual processes when dealing with new employees. It can be anything from having to make a decision at management level on a recruitment need to making sure that a new employee has the right equipment, licences or an introduction booked in for their first day at the workplace,” says Viktor Gustavsson, Digital Business Coach at Nordlo.

“In collaboration with the customer, we draw up a flow showing all the steps in an onboarding process. We then go through how we can digitalise and automate the different steps in order to remove manual tasks. For example, we can enter automatic reminders that take GDPR into account and sensitive personal data that must not be sent between mailboxes.”

It’s a fact that in most cases, there are opportunities in businesses’ existing applications to create flows that simplify everyday routines and reduce administration for the HR Department.

Prepare new employees with digital onboarding

While you as an HR coordinator or manager are required to carry out the onboarding of new employees remotely, there are also requirements for a well-prepared induction process. In which orders for accounts, information material and other items must be processed effectively. Using automated flows, no physical documents need to be produced and the process is also much faster. So this is an area where there are many opportunities to make life easier through automation.

Digital onboarding is shown to be a top priority for all companies in the immediate future. And in the next few years, most companies will have started this kind of automation to free up time for the HR Department and managers in the organisation.

“In our collaboration with the customer, we make sure that the company is given a standard for the onboarding of employees as part of the management system. This means that everyone feels sure about what is expected of them in the process,” believes Viktor.

How the automation of an onboarding process can work

Did you know that automated processes don’t require a special system or application? As we mentioned earlier, it is absolutely possible to build automated flows directly in your existing cloud service. This is what an automated process based on that can look like:

  1. Mapping the manual process.
  2. Digitalisation of documents and contract management.
  3. Create automated flows to free up time for HR.


The outcome of an automated onboarding process is that time is freed up from the HR Department while at the same time the onboarding process is made clearer and easier to follow for all involved. This is achieved by others in the organisation who are involved in the onboarding being sent automatic reminders in order to avoid various steps in the process being missed.

But by far the biggest benefit in automated onboarding is that the first impression for the new employee is both professional and reassuring. And at the same time it is easier for you to take care of all the tasks involved.

Would you like to find out more about how to benefit from automating your processes? If so, just download our product sheet below, in which we explain more about how Nordlo can help you with this.

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