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Agder Anleggsenter chose Nordlo Vennesla on the basis of good references 


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The challenge

Agder Gruppen was founded in 2015, since when they have grown to become a large, serious actor in their market. They deal with the purchasing, sales and hiring of new and used machinery and equipment for the construction industry. The company has grown quickly and now has more than 80 employees, based at locations in Kristiansand, Flekkefjord and Frogner, near Oslo.

When Agder Gruppen had to choose an IT operations partner, it was important for them to find a stable supplier, one that could offer a total solution adapted to their everyday work routines. Their choice of Nordlo Vennesla was based on the company’s good references for solutions used by their business relations.

”We consider Nordlo to be a competent operational partner that recognises our needs and delivers services that streamline our everyday routines”.

The solution

Nordlo Vennesla now meets all of the company’s IT and telephony needs, with everything from data lines and infrastructure, server services from Nordlo Vennesla’s modern data centre to Microsoft 365, backup and security solutions. The company is still hiring new employees, and the acquisition and setup of preconfigured solutions is carried out by Nordlo Vennesla, to achieve a quick, effective startup. 

Agder Gruppen has one full-time consultant who helps to resolve any needs that arise, and to put forward suggestions for solutions to improve efficiency. If quick support is needed, Nordlo’s service desk is used.

Such strong growth also brings a need for effective mobile services and good call management, so that customers can easily find the right department. In connection with this, Nordlo Vennesla has provided support by setting up a Mobile Business Network solution, with logical call loops and queuing systems to make sure that customers easily get through to the right place.

Customer value

We believe that Nordlo Vennesla meets our expectations, and their consultant plays the role of our own IT department, explains Rune Martiniussen from Agder Gruppen. Nordlo is transparent and there are no hidden costs, and we find Nordlo’s staff to be professionally skilled with a short response time and, not least of all, a quick resolution time if required.

Agder Gruppen’s employees communicate largely on digital interfaces, using Teams, email and file server, and we feel that with Nordlo’s help we now have effective solutions that suit our business.

The fact that we can phone Nordlo’s consultant or service desk and get a quick response gives us peace of mind with regard to our IT systems and tools.

About Agder Gruppen
Agder Gruppen is a one-stop supplier in hiring, purchasing and sales of machinery and equipment for the tunnel and construction industry. The company was established in 2015 with a head office in Kristiansand, and it now has more than 80 employees across companies in the areas of tunnels, hydraulic service, rental, construction centre and transport. 

The Group had net sales in 2019 of approx. NOK 340 million, it has customers all over the world and is expanding strongly. Find out more about Agder Gruppen.

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