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Achieve a flexible workplace with IT as a service

Modern, technological solutions make it easier to provide flexible working arrangements which allow employees themselves to choose how and where to work in order to optimise their productivity. However, offering employees flexible ways of working puts pressure on employers to deliver. Flexible working is dependent on the relevant technology being in place and sufficiently secure and functional to ensure your employees can operate effectively even when they’re not sitting in the office.

A flexible workplace boosts employee satisfaction
In the publication “Det flexibla arbetet” Jusek presents a survey in which just over eight out of ten employees say their work is made easier by working from home. In addition, six out of ten people say their work is made easier by reading job-related e-mail directly in their mobile phone. There is clearly a correlation between accessible technology and more satisfied employees. IT as a service makes it easier to provide effective technology to your employees, as the concept makes sure the entire IT environment operates seamlessly.

Making it easy to manage your IT environment
So what does flexibility mean for a company’s head of IT? With the greater need for tools and an IT environment which is tailored towards flexible and secure working arrangements, managing all of your devices effectively also becomes more important. The advantages of outsourcing your IT services include the ability to manage working situations remotely and install and update software, as well as quickly roll out security updates across all types of devices. Another type of flexibility associated with outsourcing IT services is redundant server solutions, which are capable of being scaled up or down in accordance with rising or falling demand.

The benefits of using IT as a service:

  • A more customised tool which increases productivity
  • Employee satisfaction improves
  • You benefit from proactive security solutions at the cutting edge of the market
  • Your profitability will improve through greater productivity
  • The opportunity to focus on your core activities rather than IT issues
  • It enables scalability which means you can  increase or reduce your IT services as required, which is more cost-efficient.
  • You’ll gain control of the company's business-critical data

Policies for working methods and tools
With a flexible workplace, it’s important to set policies. Fail to implement sound policies which are complied with by employees, and there’s a risk of the company being less efficient. First and foremost, it’s important to establish clear rules outlining how and where your employees can work. You can then set policies for handling the tools and IT environment in your company. What devices and programs will employees be able to use, and who will ensure they are handled correctly?

New technology and opportunities to work flexibly place new demands on management to set clear targets and restrictions for working practices. When assessing whether to increase the flexibility of your company, you may sometimes be concerned about potential drops in productivity if you’re not always there to check on your employees. It’s simply a case of trusting your employees to take a results-orientated approach to their work.

Become a more attractive company
For companies who don’t want their employees to work from home, there are many other ways to make the workplace more flexible. An effective, secure and up-to-date computer environment, and the option to work in different spaces and meeting rooms utilising the latest technology and a good wireless network, are different ways of making an office more flexible and appealing to work in. It’s also a fact that a number of different surveys indicate that companies which provide flexible working arrangements are more attractive than those which don't have flexible workplaces.

Create your flexible workplace with Nordlo
A flexible workplace can be achieved with the right tools and solutions. For Nordlo, technology underpins the organisation of the workplace. We know that using IT and technology in the right way can contribute to reducing stress for your employees, while also boosting efficiency.

We recommend that you watch our film, in which we go into more detail about how IT as a service works and how it can benefit your company.

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