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5 reasons why mobile solutions create more efficient employees

More and more companies are switching to mobile solutions for their systems and processes. Increasingly, the labour market includes of people born between 1985 and 2000, and this means new demands are made on company to provide solutions to make these employees as productive as possible. We've put together five reasons why mobile solutions create more efficient employees to help you decide if this could be something for you.

Always accessible
As a rule, it's been difficult for employees to carry out many of their tasks when they're away from the office. In many industries, people are spending more and more time away from the office, e.g. on the commute to and from work or at home. Thanks to mobile solutions, we now have access to exactly the same files and documents no matter where we are, and cloud-based platforms provide access to all of the company's resources straight from a computer or mobile device.

A great deal has been said about the social impact constant availability may have. There is a flip side that has to do with the balance between work and leisure. Solve that problem and watch as your employees grow much more productive without losing their enthusiasm for work.

A more flexible business
Another advantage of mobile solutions is being able to offer your employees more flexibility. If they can cross off one or two items from their to-do lists on the train, they can avoid working overtime for a half hour or more. And because employees get more done during the day, they grow more satisfied.

As you put more and more mobile solutions to work, it will soon be time to review your policy regarding working hours at the office. Here are a few questions you may need to consider.

  • What flexible working methods would suit your business?
  • Are there jobs that must always be done at the office? 
  • Are there times when everyone should be at the office?
  • Are there solutions to help you get around some of the tasks that otherwise must be done there (e.g. meetings)?

Less commuting time
People who have to commute long distances every day soon grow tired of it. The ability to use mobile solutions allows employees to begin work as soon as they board the train and use their commute for something productive. 

What's more, mobile solutions mean your employees begin working more from home. If there's a day or two every week when not everyone needs to be at the office, you have an excellent opportunity to let them work from home. There are a number of advantages in letting your employees telework from home. Here are a few:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
    Your employees will be more satisfied and stay with you longer.
  • Access to more talent in the labour market
    When you use mobile solutions, you can engage people from the other side of the planet if that's where most of your industry's talent is located.
  • Productivity
    As a rule, there are fewer interruptions at home than in the office.
  • Better employee health
    Your employees feel better by being at home one or two days a week, and when they feel better, they get better results from their work.

Better internal communications
Modern digital communications began breaking down barriers quite some time ago, especially in global communication. Companies that are able to pass on information about their business quickly and conveniently, can use this to their competitive advantage. No matter if your employees are at the office, on the train or working from home, it's important they have access to everything that's essential for your business, and when things happen, it's important everyone is informed about it. 

The generation known as the millennials, i.e. those born between 1985 and 2000, is forming an increasing proportion of the total workforce. Theirs is a generation that is used to communicating via mobile devices, and accustomed to communications that are simple, transparent and accessible. It's important that your internal communications work in a way that appeals to all of your employees, not just those who've been there the longest. 

Secure operations
Traditionally, mobile solutions have been seen as less secure than desktop solutions. The reason for such concern is not unfounded, as mobile solutions were not as secure as they are today. Losing a smartphone or laptop used to be a major security problem, as suddenly all of the data stored on the device fell into the hands of someone unauthorized. Today, we have nowhere near as much information stored on our mobile devices simply because almost every company that cares about security uses some form of cloud-based solution for their mobile business activities.

To achieve total security, it's important to render four important aspects secure – your network, your devices, your apps and your data. Get in touch with us at Nordlo and we'll help you make your digital investments as secure as possible!

Guide - The way to a more secure IT environment

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