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5 important things to consider when choosing an IT supplier

Choosing an IT supplier is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many risks involved in choosing the wrong supplier, but the gains are so much greater if you make the right choice. We’ve created a list of five important things to consider when choosing an IT supplier. If the supplier you are interested in meets all your requirements, you’re one step closer to a good choice.

1. Do they understand your industry?

Bear in mind that it isn’t just a product you're buying, it's a collaboration. It’s really important that your new partner has both an understanding and knowledge of the industry in which you operate. Make sure you get a strategic overview of the entire organisation to get a solution that’s thoroughly adapted to your particular business.

2. Can they handle your way of working?

Depending on how you prefer to work, you need a supplier that can deliver the services that suit your way of working. Do your employees work from home a lot, or when they’re travelling? Then you probably need a supplier with in-depth knowledge of VPN services and security. This is also a brilliant opportunity to upgrade your way of working. If you can make working life easier and more productive for your employees, that means a big gain for your business.

3. Is it a sustainable future solution?

Technology is advancing fast, which means the solution you choose today must be sustainable for the future. The reason so many organisations are choosing to replace their IT system is that they earlier chose a supplier that didn't have a sustainable future solution. Find a partner with genuine expertise in systems and applications so they can guide you through the maze of future trends and innovations. Never miss an opportunity because your technical infrastructure isn’t up to date.

4. Is bigger always better?

While it probably isn’t enough to hire just a single person to handle the technical side of things, it’s often best to choose a partner without too many balls in the air at the same time. The personal contact you get when choosing a medium-sized business partner is worth its weight in gold when you need to quickly get in touch with someone who understands your business and your challenges.

5. Is cheapest always best?

When choosing an IT supplier, many companies try to cut costs and save as much money as possible. But this in turn often leads to you choosing a contract where you don’t get true value in relation to what you’re paying for the service. Instead, choose a supplier that can give you advice and guidance which is actually relevant to your business. This way, what initially appears to be more expensive is actually cheaper in the long run, thanks to the business-related profits you’ll be sure to make.

One step closer to an informed decision

If the supplier that appeals to you most meets the requirements we have described above, they're clearly worth considering. But be sure to look for IT suppliers that also meet the following criteria:

– Have received strong recommendations from colleagues, partners and others operating in the same industry

– Have certification, for example from Microsoft or other similar companies

– Been active for a long time. While choosing an energetic start-up supplier may seem a great idea, it’s usually a much better idea to work with a supplier already established in the industry

– Easy to communicate with. Make sure that your supplier is easily reachable and it hasn’t outsourced its support to other countries.

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