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IT recruitment with the heart at Nordlo – more employees now needed

In a world where more and more things can be done remotely, IT consultancy firm Nordlo is heading in a different direction. The common thread for the company is proximity, an important element of which is decentralisation and building deep relationships with both employees and customers. The focus is now on finding more employees for the Group.

Nordlo is a Nordic IT and digitalisation partner that helps companies and organisations through business-oriented collaborations, with a focus on sustainable and secure technology.

“We’ve challenged in the industry in different ways, and in contrast to many of our competitors we’re choosing to decentralise our business. We’re doing this because we know that good decisions are made close to our customers and employees,” says Malin Dahl, Head of HR at Nordlo Group.

The close collaboration between employees and customers has become a much-appreciated feature of the delivery to both public and private sector customers. Long-term partnerships with local organisations such as Lerum and Partille municipalities, Bräcke Diakoni and Pagero, as well as new deliveries to organisations including the Swedish Schools Inspectorate and Folkspel, mean there is also an increasing need for more employees with specialist expertise in the field of IT.

A human craft

Nordlo views digitisation as a human craft, in which solutions simplify and improve people’s working lives. To succeed in this craft, it takes employees who contribute new perspectives. This has sometimes meant that Nordlo has employed people who are not fluent in either Swedish or English, but have other merits.

“It’s engaged employees that have helped us to succeed on our journey, and this will continue to be the case in the future.”

Recruiting with the heart

Instead of starting with CVs and lists of qualifications to find the right employee, Nordlo looks in the first instance at personality, overall experience and attitude.

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“We’re recruiting on the basis of soft values and want to find people who have the ability to grow with us. It’s every bit as important that you choose us as we choose you. Together we draw up a plan for you based on the different phases in your life. Maybe you have young children or need to adapt your work in different ways? Or do you have dreams of starting your own business in the future? The key is to identify goals that lead towards your dreams while at the same time head in the direction in which we want to develop the company.”

A culture to thrive in

Nordlo has led the way in recruiting young people, and views its internal operations has a nursery for the specialists of the future. Many young people landed their first job at Nordlo, and a significant proportion are still working there today.

“I’m pleased that we have many employees who’ve chosen to stay with us for a long time, and also that many have been introduced through tips between friends and colleagues in the industry. For me, that’s proof that our employees are happy and that our culture brings value to our employees,” says Malin Dahl.

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