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IT Group Nordlo Acquires Netcomp

Nordlo acquires IT provider Netcomp, based in Blekinge and Kronoberg, strengthening their challenger position as an IT partner with a local presence in the Nordic marketplace.

– Netcomp changes name to Nordlo, making them post-merger the new leading IT actor in the region. We will now be able to offer our entire catalogue of services, helping our customers develop their businesses and be successful, says Fredrik Almén, Group CEO, Nordlo.

Magnus Söderberg, CEO at Netcomp, was made new CEO for Nordlo in the Blekinge and Kalmar region. Mikael Mårtensson, current CEO for Kalmar and Ronneby, will be made acting CEO. The acquisition of Netcom will mean that Nordlo grows to have more than 600 employees and offices at 36 different locations in Sweden and Norway. Netcomp’s business focus and geographical coverage in Blekinge and Växjö strengthens and supplements Nordlo, a company already established in the region and that focuses on cloud services, infrastructure, and digitalization.

– The strengths of the two companies merge well, and will be beneficial for both existing and new customers. In addition, we will become such a big actor in the market that we will be able to attract specialist skills that in other cases would be recruited to the bigger cities, says Fredrik Almén.

Nordlo’s Values and Quality Made the Difference 

Compared to when Netcomp was founded 20 years ago, there are now striking differences in the IT marketplace. Small companies in the region used to not have more than one computer in their company that needed support. Today, small companies have as strong requirements for their systems and services as larger corporations. This means new challenges for Netcomp, a company that cares about their customers’ interests and offers quality IT solutions that are made to last.  

Customers choose Netcomp as their strategic IT partner and supplier for their services, meaning that Netcomp becomes the customer’s own IT department. Netcomp also offers consultations for company management and is a local ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the region, which makes it possible for Netcomp to supply hosting.

– In choosing Nordlo as a partner it was important that they are active in the SME segment and deliver modern IT services that work for our customers, both in their everyday life and in the future. Being a part of a larger group with a quality service portfolio and financial muscles, while the governance model means more local business and decisions, means that we can future proof our regional business, says Magnus Söderberg, CEO Netcomp.

Increased Expertise Benefits Customers 

For both Netcomp and Nordlo, our most important priority is the success of our customers. In order for our customers to be successful, the employees at Nordlo are the most important asset, and the source of great results.

– The merger makes Nordlo (former Netcomp) an even more attractive employer in the region where current and new employees have the possibility to develop and acquire a wide range of expertise and skills that is available in the Nordlo group. Our customers will also get closer to digital harmony since they get access to all the expertise in the group, says Magnus Söderberg.

About Netcomp:
Netcomp offers comprehensive solutions for their customers’ IT environment by offering a wide range of services in IT operations, hosting, broadband, and cloud services. The company was founded in 2000 in Karlshamn, Blekinge, and has since then seen stable growth. Today, Netcomp has a turnover of 54 million SEK with 27 employees in three offices in Karlshamn, Karlskrona, and Växjö. Netcomp is focused on delivering long term customer relationship by having a local presence, quality services, efficient operations, and fast support. Learn more at: http://netcomp.se/

Would you like to know more? Contact:
Fredrik Almén, Group CEO Nordlo, 0703-33 15 59, fredrik.almen@nordlo.com
Magnus Söderberg, CEO Netcomp, 0733-70 33 92, magnus.soderberg@netcomp.se

Tech company Nordlo was founded in 2018 after a merger between Zetup, Office IT-Partner, Dicom, and Norwegian IT Total. Focusing on consultations and a local presence, the new group will be a strong Nordic competitor in cloud services, infrastructure, and digitalization for both national and international organizations. Nordlo employs about 600 employees in 36 locations in Sweden and Norway, and has an annual turnover of 1.3 billion SEK. Learn more here: https://nordlo.com/

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