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Investors Relocate Offices - New IT Group with a Local Presence Invests in Smaller Communities

IT company Nordlo goes against the grain. By working locally with global cloud services the company and its investors have spotted an opportunity to invest and hire in smaller Swedish and Norwegian cities. The company will hire new people in Nyköping and is now recruiting heavily all over the country.

– It is especially fun to invest and hire in cities like Skellefteå, Nyköping, and Tranås. We will be working locally with close relationships to our customers and have a great view of local needs, says Fredrik Almén, Group CEO for new IT company Nordlo.

Big global cloud factories and investments in small communities in Sweden and Norway might sound like a contradiction. However, the increasing need for smart IT services for small and medium sized companies means that there is potential for a company like Nordlo to bring cloud services to entrepreneurs. The demand for cloud services in small and medium sized companies will be increasing by more than 20 percent in the coming years, according to analytics firm Radar Group. Reasons for this include that cloud services are easier to consume at the same time as entrepreneurs are getting more tech savvy.

- If we can also make locally customized services and provide our customers with great local support in most of the smaller communities in Sweden and Norway, we will become a digital engine among local business, which will mean great business for both us and the cities in which we have a presence, says Fredrik Almén.

Nordlo currently has 575 employees in 34 cities in Sweden and Norway. Their goal is to expand their business and hire new people in most of their local offices.

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Fredrik Almén, Group CEO Nordlo, 070-333 15 59, fredrik.almen@nordlo.com

Tech company Nordlo was founded in 2018 after a merger between Zetup, Office IT-Partner, Dicom, and Norwegian IT Total. Focusing on consultations and a local presence, the new group will be a strong Nordic competitor in cloud services, infrastructure, and digitalization for both national and international organizations. Nordlo employs about 600 employees in 36 locations in Sweden and Norway, and has an annual turnover of 1.3 billion SEK. Learn more here: https://nordlo.com/

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