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Digitalisation that generates business value

Digital business development and digitalisation generate smooth work processes and, in a longer perspective, business value – it is quite simply incredibly important in order to future-proof the organisation in an increasingly digital age. “The opportunities of digital business development are e...

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Ludvig Svensson becomes more efficient thanks to process automation

Ludvig Svensson becomes more efficient thanks to processautomationThe challenge The family-owned textile company Ludvig Svensson has a strong focus on innovation and a passion for developing textiles with function and design as the most important features. The company is a global player with a l...

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Automate your onboarding process in the cloud

90 per cent of HR managers state that their employees will be allowed to work from home even when a Covid-19 vaccine is widely available to all. And many believe that even employees in occupations that previously offered no opportunity for remote working will also be able to work away from the of...

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FAQ about Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely-used collaborative tools for companies, and the platform is growing every day in terms of users and new features. As remote meetings become increasingly common, Microsoft is also releasing new functions to facilitate collaboration, wherever you happen to...

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Viktor Gustavsson
Digital Business Developer, Borås

“I love helping people and contributing to their being able to work even more efficiently in their respective work areas”


I have a background in many kinds of roles. I’ve worked primarily in business development, but also in processes of change, analysis, inbound and leadership.

Areas of expertise

The areas where I have particular competence are: Business Development, Rationalisation/Optimisation, Automation, Communication, M365 Tools, Document Management and Inbound.


My role at Nordlo in Borås is business developer, which means that I work a lot on streamlining internal processes for our customers. This may involve automating processes or enhancing knowledge and understanding of a new tool or a new work method.

You can often find out where the focus should be directed by listening out for frustration and asking questions about any time thieves that exist. I love helping people and contributing to them being able to work even more efficiently in their respective work areas.

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