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How businesses can work strategically on IT security

Alla verksamheter behöver ett väl fungerande skydd för sin IT-miljö. Inte minst när omvärlden den senaste tiden präglats av ökade säkerhetshot. För att skapa en fungerande säkerhetsarkitektur är det viktigt att börja med grundskyddet och tänka på helheten.

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How to protect the company from a brute force attack

A brute force attack is a way of accessing login details by systematically trying all combinations of characters and is often carried out by script or bots that target a selected login page. Brute force is therefore a common method of data breach, and is something that both companies and individu...

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Cloud services

Cloud services With cloud computing, your business doesn’t have to invest in its own local servers, associated staff or other infrastructure. This means that all you need to create a functioning workplace is an internet connection. Cloud computing is a flexible, cost-efficient solution which can...

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Mattias Jadesköld
IT Architect, Nordlo in Stockholm

“When I talk to our customers, the focus is never on the technology itself, the most important thing is that we see the big picture and develop the solution that best suits the customer’s business”


At my very first appraisal discussion, when I was a 20-year-old working as an onsite technician, my boss said to me: “As a young man, you’ll see your workplace as a field where all the gates are open. When you get older, maybe the gates will be closed and you’ll become more rigid and inflexible in the way you think”.

Those words have always stayed with me in my work, the importance of always being curious and daring to try new things. Since then, I’ve worked in many different workplaces in different roles, such as technical specialist, Technical Account Manager, IT purchaser, project manager and IT architect.

Areas of expertise

The areas I’m particularly good at include IT security, IT architecture and cloud services. I apply this at work by such means as developing good technical solutions that meet our customers’ demands for economy and security, running forums in the field of IT security and developing technical solutions and drawing up strategies for the Public Cloud, in which I manage a technical platform and have designed new solutions.

The IT security podcast that I produce together with Erik Zalitis means that I’m always up-to-date with the latest IT security developments.

Några av områdena jag är särskilt bra på är; IT-säkerhet, IT-arkitektur och Molntjänster. Det applicerar jag i arbetet genom bl.a.; ta fram goda tekniska lösningar som möter våra kunders krav på ekonomi och säkerhet, driva forum inom IT-säkerhet samt ta fram tekniska lösningar samt ta fram strategier kring det Publika molnet där jag förvaltar en teknisk plattform och utformat nya lösningar.

Med podcasten "IT-säkerhetspodden", som jag har tillsammans med Erik Zalitis, håller jag mig alltid uppdaterat kring det allra senaste inom IT-säkerhet.


I’m currently working as an IT architect with a focus on developing one-stop solutions for Nordlo’s customers, making sure that the design of the technical architecture is clear and easy for the customer to understand.

I also have staff responsibilities for a number of technical specialists, and run forums with our customers in various areas such as IT security, Microsoft 365 and digitalisation.

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