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We are proud to have employees with broad knowledge and specialist skills in all kinds of IT solutions. Some of them have applied their expertise in choosing to share their knowledge in the form of guides, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Let our experts guide you in helping your business create effective everyday routines and how to navigate successfully through the challenges that lie ahead. Click on to the experts below to find out more about them and see what they have written.

”I love helping
people and
contributing to them
being able to work even
more efficiently in
their respective 
work areas”

- Viktor Gustavsson, Productivity Consultant at Nordlo in Borås

Daniel Cronström
CISO, Umeå & Lycksele
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Alexander Dervall
System Consultant, Helsingborg
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Jesper Neumann
Cloud Solution Architect, Borås
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Karl Nilja
Sales Manager, Nordlo i Göteborg
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Porträtt Weronica Sjögren
Weronica Sjögren
Productivity Consultant, Växjö
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Mattias Jadesköld
IT Architect, Nordlo in Stockholm
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