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“There's a lot of freedom here, and you can shape your role to suit your personality and preferences”

Mattias Jadesköld
IT architect, Nordlo in Stockholm

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Mattias Jadesköld

Tell us about your job at Nordlo

I've been in the IT industry for 20 years and during that time I've worked in several different fields, and for the past nine years in my current role as an IT architect. You could say I'm a kind of 'translator' who turns customer requirements into the concrete technical solutions we offer them.

Technology itself is not the priority when I talk to our customers, the overall picture is the most important thing and creating a solution that best suits the customer's operation. In addition to being an IT architect, I'm also in charge of a team whose personnel I support and help grow in their roles. It's really satisfying to take part in their development and watch as they grow in their ability to take on ever bigger projects.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

It usually includes a number of meetings, but also proposing technology solutions to customers and participating in procurements. And then there's my team of eight technicians to take care of, which also results in further development.

In addition to my role at Nordlo, I run the IT security podcast together with my colleague Erik Zalitis. "It all began when we were sitting around talking about starting an internal blog, but a whole new world opened up when a colleague at Nordlo talked about her podcast and how it worked. I talked to Erik who still had the right equipment at home, so we produced a test podcast. Since then things have just kept moving along and now, we release a podcast every week. The whole thing is a private initiative and a spinoff sideline from our shared interest, but we get to use Nordlo's premises to make the recordings."

What's Nordlo like as a workplace?

I feel Nordlo provides me with the perfect blend of structure and streamlining. If things are too structured, it's difficult for customers to get help, and when things are purely streamlined, they can easily get chaotic – but this is the perfect blend of both. It's a truly unpretentious workplace where there are great opportunities to influence and shape one's own role.

At Nordlo in Stockholm, we often hold 'get-inspired' evenings where we discuss various subjects, sometimes over a salad or a sandwich. We enjoy a great atmosphere, and personnel often take the initiative to organise after-work activities such as gaming, listening to music and socialising. Last spring, we went on a skiing break together in Sälen, which was great fun.

“It's a truly unpretentious workplace where there are great opportunities to influence and shape one's own role”

What are your everyday challenges at Nordlo?

The things I find challenging right now have a lot to do with procurements. Public procurements can be described as virtually unforgiving as the least little mistake or misinterpretation can jeopardise everything, but that's what makes it all so awesome and satisfying. It's also what got me to switch to the job I do today – I wanted to be at the forefront, closest to the customer, where every single thing is crucial.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?

If you're someone who really wants to work with a great crew, or if you feel trapped in your existing role, Nordlo is the perfect workplace for you. There's a lot of freedom here, and you can shape your role to suit your personality and preferences. For example, if you're interested in Office 365 and also networks it is entirely possible to work with both, and if you develop a new interest, you can adapt your assignments in that direction. This is something that's pretty unique and one of the best aspects of working with Nordlo.

What future challenges do you see in the industry?

In the future, I think IT infrastructure will be no more complicated than a couple of holes in the wall, and I believe the choice of IT infrastructure will be more about selecting a supplier, i.e. most things will be the same. What's more, I predict there'll be even more focus on service and support for the end user, because even if everything is automated and digitised, there'll always be a need for help and IT support.

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Jenny Brännlund

Development Lead & Quality Manager, Nordlo in Umeå & Lycksele

“It was an amazing feeling, getting a job before I graduated”

Lisa Grenholm

Servicedesk Specialist , Nordlo in Umeå & Lycksele

“Once a month we talk about the workplace and what we want to improve”

Jakob Nordanbro

Support technician, Nordlo in Falun

“As employees, we can always be involved and contribute to decisions”

Linn Ericsson

Supply manager, Nordlo in Karlshamn

“Nordlo is a workplace where there’s every opportunity for development”

Kjetil Simonsen

Senior system consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

“What I appreciate most, and what is most developing for me, is the influence you have around well-thought-out choices and configurations.”

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

”It means a lot for the work environment that everyone gets to be involved in influencing decisions and how we should work”

Anneli Waleniussen

Account manager, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

“I really enjoy first-time meetings with customers and work hard to quickly create trust in our being the right supplier for them”

Daniel Ryen

Senior consultant, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

“What develops and challenges me is problems that I’ve not experienced before and don’t know the solution to”

Per-Arne Sandström

Sales manager in IT, Nordlo in Malmö & Helsingborg

“The thing that drew me to Nordlo was the structure of the organisation”

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