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“Once a month we talk about the workplace and what we want to improve”

Lisa Grenholm
Service Desk Specialist, Nordlo in Umeå

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Lisa Grenholm

Hi Lisa, tell us a little bit about your role and your journey with Nordlo

In the winter of 2018, I started as a Service Desk Technician at what’s now Nordlo. I applied to Nordlo mainly because I thought that the customers seemed interesting. This spring I became a specialist, which feels really great, as it’s been my goal to take that step. I want to advance even further in due course. It’s great that there’s an opportunity to have a development curve. Even at the job interview, it was evident that Nordlo offered a workplace where there was an opportunity to develop.

What’s it like, working as a Service Desk Specialist?

Moving over to be a specialist means I take on more responsibility. I’ve gone from working on the operational side to assuming more tactical responsibility. We operate at three technical levels, where the specialist provides support to the service desk, which is responsible for the operational side, while technical account managers take care of strategic work.

What have you done or worked with before?

I studied network operations, which is a broad-based course in the area of IT administration. During my studies and afterwards, I worked at a telecoms operator’s Network Operations Centre in Umeå. I also worked for a short while as an IT consultant, before moving on to work at Nordlo.

Can you describe a normal working day for you?

As soon as I get here in the morning, I start by checking on the status with colleagues and try to form a general picture of what the day looks like. I then start work on my own planning. During the day, I get involved in dealing with incoming cases that arrive by email or phone. Then there’s a lot of dialogue between colleagues. Some cases have to be started right away, others can be scheduled for later. We’re divided into customer teams, and in my team we have four people who get along really well. We maintain ongoing dialogues, check in with each other and give each other tips. We all have a really great time together!

What’s Nordlo like as a workplace?

It’s a good workplace, as we listen a lot to each other. I feel secure in being able to talk about things, and we make improvements if we notice that something’s not right. Once a month, we talk about what we want to improve, in both the long term and the short term. There may be small changes that contribute to a better work environment, anything from a fresh coat of paint on the walls and more flowers to activities that result in bigger changes within the business. We also have something at the office that we call party Fridays, when we switch on a disco light and have a joint playlist, which is good fun.

“It’s rewarding to be able to help customers and to make their business more effective” 

What are your day-to-day challenges? 

I think above all, I’m the one who challenges myself. I want to develop, so I seek out cases that are a bit more challenging. My colleagues also challenge me a lot, by giving encouragement and maintaining dialogues about various solutions and development opportunities. The customers are also a contributory factor, as we encounter different cases and needs that we try to resolve together.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?

It can be good to know that you don’t always need to be such a technical expert. If you have a general interest in IT and can take on responsibility, you’ll go a long way. You learn an incredible amount, and your colleagues offer such good support.

What types of problems does your customer team solve for your customers?

We often receive questions linked to applications, security and user-related cases. A lot of it’s about maintaining our platform, where we deliver services to customers. It can involve simpler assignments, such as implementing new policies and procedures, or bigger assignments in which we replace a customer’s virtualisation platform. Together with customers, we seek out new solutions and try to find the right one. It’s often a combination of off-the-shelf and new solutions, as we identify the customer’s needs.

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

Not able to find a role that suits you?

At Nordlo we constantly look for people with IT competence and a passion for sustainable change, where our innovation shape the future within IT and digitisation. Even if we are not looking for a specific role at this very moment, we are always keen to hear from you who wishes to work with us. Please feel free to send us your application here.

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