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Linn Nicolaisen

Technician, Nordlo in Falun

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Linn Nicolaisen

Tell me about your job at Nordlo:
At Nordlo, I work as a printer technician, but I also work with ATG and Svenska Spel, and dabble in meeting room technology. In addition to my role as technician, I also feel my job involves being a productive worker and good colleague.

What does a normal working day look like for you?
My days begin with a meeting about what must be done during the day. Once we've been allocated our assignments, I load up the car and drive off to the customer.

What's Nordlo like as a workplace?
As a workplace, Nordlo provides challenges in a way that helps me constantly develop as a technician. There's a pleasant atmosphere, and both customers and colleagues are motivated. The workplace is great for anyone who wants to develop both as a person and in their professional role.

What’s the most challenging thing about Nordlo? What kind of challenges do you come across in a working day?
At Nordlo, I enjoy good conditions in my role as problem solver and I have the opportunity to think and figure out solutions that will work both for us at Nordlo and our customers. It’s stimulating on several levels, both for me as an individual and in my professional role.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?
If you want to work at Nordlo, it's an advantage to like social situations, as you will often be in meetings with customers. The best advice I can give is to be positive to challenges and look on them as an opportunity to grow, while always seeking to expand and update the knowledge you possess.

Three quick questions for Linn:

What challenges do you see in the future?
Challenges that come up in the future will probably mainly concern the constant development of technology. New technology always brings new challenges.

What type of problems and challenges do you solve for your customers?
When it comes to printers I often solve problems concerning paper hang-ups and incorrectly set formats, among a lot of other things.

Name one of the more usual questions customers ask you?
When I dismantle a printer and have the parts spread right across the floor, they often ask: "Does it still print?"

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

Do you also want to work with us?

At Nordlo we constantly look for people with IT competence and a passion for sustainable change, where our innovation shape the future within IT and digitisation. Even if we are not looking for a specific role at this very moment, we are always keen to hear from you who wishes to work with us. Please feel free to send us your application here.

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