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“And even though it’s a big company, it all feels familiar”

Linn Ericsson
Buyer, Nordlo in Karlshamn

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Linn Ericsson

Hi Linn! Tell us a little about your role at Nordlo.

I work in purchasing. So all the hardware and software that the salespeople order for our customers goes via my team. I take care of the deliveries if they come to our warehouse, and channel them onwards to a consultant if there’s an assignment to be performed. I also make sure that our customer orders are invoiced. As Nordlo in Karlshamn also offers broadband, I take care of that as well.

What have you done or worked with before?

Among other things, I worked as cabin crew in the airline industry. Since 2013, I’ve been working at what is now Nordlo and have developed so much during that time.

Can you describe a normal working day for you?

It varies so much. It’s anything from meetings to being involved in creating and improving flows and processes so that we can work better and more efficiently. I also administer our web shop, take care of my department’s cases in the case management system and create orders and maintain contact with our distributors. I also issue invoices, respond to customer questions, attest invoices, perform inventories and maintain stocks. As you can tell, it varies a lot from day to day.

What’s Nordlo like as a workplace?

I think Nordlo is a modern, flexible workplace. A workplace where there’s every opportunity for development. And even though it’s a big company, it all feels informal. As everyone gets to be involved and have their say, as an employee you feel a great sense of engagement, it’s a pleasure to go to work and feel involved.

“Nordlo is a workplace where there’s every opportunity for development”

Talk about your day-to-day challenges at Nordlo. What aspect of working at Nordlo is most developmental?

As we work with IT, it’s an extremely broad field and there’s such an incredible amount to learn. Technology is something that’s being developed at breakneck speed. And if you’re going to be able to keep up just a little with everything that’s happening, you have to try and be on your toes. It’s both a challenge and something that I think is developmental and exciting.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?

If you’re looking for a job where you can develop, you absolutely should start working at Nordlo. It’s an extremely lively workplace, where there’s always room for skilled, ambitious employees.

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

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