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Geir Sandaker

Head of Business Area Regional Norway, Nordlo in Vennesla

"By acting in a heartfelt manner, we intuitively make the right decisions, which in turn creates satisfied customers and employees".

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Geir Sandaker

What's your role at Nordlo:
I work as the Head of Business Area Norway at Nordlo Vennesla i Norway where we are 20 employees.

How do you live up to our values – can you give an example from our business?
Collaboration and treating customers genuinely and in a heartfelt manner have been in our DNA ever since our establishment in 2005. We work closely with our customers, which in turn creates close relationships. It has become utterly impossible for us to treat our customers from a non-emotional vantage point. We want to contribute to a positive everyday life for our customers and users, which is why we go above and beyond and meet them with a smile both privately and in work contexts.

By acting in a heartfelt manner, we intuitively make the right decisions, which in turn creates satisfied customers and employees.

We at Nordlo Vennesla are captivated by technology. At work, we cultivate this passion, and all of our employees are dedicated to exploring technology, understanding technology, and knowing what and how to make the best use of technology. In addition, when we collaborate with a range of different industries, we get a broad overview of the opportunities that exist in today's technology. Using this insight and expertise on behalf of our customers creates added value and business value.

What part of Nordlo makes us the most attractive?
Nordlo’s local presence ensures that our clients are taken care of by advisors with an in-depth expertise and knowledge of the clients' individual processes and systems. In addition to being local, we are also Nordic (and soon nationwide in Norway), and can provide services across counties and borders. This gives us the size and power that we need to be attractive to larger customers as well.

We have a broad range of expertise. We know our customers' IT systems in their entirety and can advise them from that vantage point.

We have a modern management structure and our road to decisions is short. Skilled employees are given the opportunity to participate in our digital teams. After all, employees who work directly with customers and directly in the marketplace are the ones who have the most concrete knowledge. With this structure and layout we can really develop our company in the right direction.

What can we do better at Nordlo?
I think everyone and everything can get better. Nordlo is a young company which implies that we still have quite some tasks ahead of us, but despite its young age, every department at Nordlo is made up of personnel with extensive experience. This contributes to knowledge and intelligent decisions.

One of the tasks on Nordlo Vennesla’s agenda is customer development. We want to be the kind of partner that drives our customers’ digitalisation development. This is a demanding, though an incredibly exciting, task which constantly gives us room for improvement.

What is your first priority now?
Nordlo Vennesla has 20 employees, and we are the only Norwegians in the company. My first priority now is to get even more competent and energetic Norwegian women and men to join our team. M&A work in Norway occupies almost all of my time and is at the top of my agenda. Our company needs to grow in Norway and we need more talented IT companies to join us on the ride.

Beyond this, my agenda always has a point that concerns daily operation. Nordlo Vennesla has incredibly dedicated and talented employees who need little follow-up, but ensuring that we deliver well and go above and beyond for our customers will always be part of my agenda.

How would your colleagues describe you?
I think that my colleagues, and not me, should answer this question. That being said, I hope they experience me as inclusive, gentle, energetic, contributing and as a co-worker that they want to be around and talk to. I want to be part of the team and be regarded as a contributor. This applies both to Nordlo Vennesla, but also the incredibly nice Swedish teams I have had the opportunity to work with.

Getting to work with such competent personnel locally in Vennesla, and other teams on the national and Nordic levels, is a true and great pleasure for me!

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

Do you also want to work with us?

At Nordlo we constantly look for people with IT competence and a passion for sustainable change, where our innovation shape the future within IT and digitisation. Even if we are not looking for a specific role at this very moment, we are always keen to hear from you who wishes to work with us. Please feel free to send us your application here.

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