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Daniel Ryen

Senior consultant, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

"What develops and challenges me is problems that I’ve not experienced before and don’t know the solution to. That means I have to learn something new, which I think is fun."

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Daniel Ryen

Tell us about your role at Nordlo
I’m a senior consultant, which is a technical resource at Nordlo who performs assignments relating to implementations, operation and consulting in the field of networks and security.

What is your work area?
I work a lot with networks and security. This involves firewalls, IPS, endpoint and server antivirus, encryption, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, scripting in PowerShell, password auditing, PKI and much more besides. My work takes the form of operation, implementation and consulting.

What did you do or work with in the past?
I started as a trainee in 2011, and soon after that I started handling my own clients and support. I spent a few years working on operating equipment at client’s premises, and I’ve been hired out to companies as both first and second line support. In 2015/2016 I moved over to focus purely on networks and security, and I’ve stayed with that area since then.

What does a normal working day look like for you?
I always start the day by checking the calendar to get an overview of the work to be done that day. A lot of messages will often arrive via email or Teams, which I help with. Operation of data centres and infrastructure at clients’ premises, and look for opportunities to improve the security solutions we offer.

What challenges do you face in your everyday work at Nordlo? What is the most developmental aspect at Nordlo?
Problems that I’ve not experienced and don’t know the solution for. That means I have to learn something new, which I think is fun.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?
Learn, understand and develop. Ask for help if you’re stuck, and provide good service.

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

Vill du också jobba med oss?

Vi på Nordlo letar alltid efter människor som har kompetens inom IT-branschen och som har ett brinnande engagemang för hållbar förändring, där vår innovation formar framtiden inom IT och digitalisering. Även om du inte hittar en specifik roll för tillfället är vi alltid intresserade av att höra ifrån dig som vill jobba med oss. Skicka gärna din spontanansökan via nedan knapp. 

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