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Åse Thuveson

Försäljningschef, Nordlo Växjö & Ljungby

”By being close to the customer with dedication and social benefits, we put Nordlo on the map as an obvious IT and digitalisation partner in the market"

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Åse Thuveson

Talk about your role at Nordlo
As sales manager at Nordlo in Växjö & Ljungby, I focus mainly on coaching and developing our sales team. Ensuring our customers are as happy and satisfied as possible helps us to win even more business, and my role is to make sure the right foundations are in place. By working closely with the customer, showing commitment and benefiting the community, we’re putting Nordlo on the map as the market’s first-choice partner for IT and digitalisation.

What have you done or worked with before?
I’m fairly new to Nordlo, and have jumped in head first in an industry which for me, is brand new. I previously worked as sales manager at Elite Hotels in Växjö, with responsibility for two hotels and one conference facility. Joining Nordlo, with a new approach and new ideas, is both exciting and challenging.

Describe a typical working day
My day-to-day work more or less involves being accessible, hands-on and committed. I need to keep track of the whole operation and carry out changes that lead to greater knowledge of the market, and thereby drive business and help our customers develop. I’m also responsible for partnerships, sponsorship agreements and collaboration with different parties in order to create strong local involvement and opportunities to find new customers via these networks.

What’s Nordlo like as a workplace?
I think Nordlo is a wonderful place to work. We have a really open workplace here, and my workmates are pleasant, considerate and always try to help out if needed. Here you have every chance to create a good work-life balance. Our values don’t just exist on paper – we really embrace them. Nordlo has welcomed me with open arms, and I’m really happy here.

What aspect of Nordlo as an employer makes you develop most?
I’d have to say being given the authority and trust to contribute my ideas relating to change. We have a CEO who is hands-on, committed and energises the workforce, and decision-making here is streamlined. This means we have speedy processes, and above all, it creates a feeling that we can truly make a difference in the company.

What types of issues do you resolve for your customers?
At present, the most common challenge among our customers is converting to teleworking due to Covid-19. However, we can resolve any issue that arises. You could say we function as companies’ IT department – that is, they can leave the complicated IT issues to us.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at Nordlo?
If you love doing business with a lot of dedication and a strong local presence at a company that believes in you and encourages you to develop, apply to work at Nordlo. There are plenty of opportunities for personal development here.

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