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Anneli Waleniussen

Account manager, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

"IT is a necessary evil that just has to work. They are often nervous about making changes, even to solutions that aren’t working properly."

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Tell us about your role at Nordlo

I work in sales, especially to the SME market. We have a major focus on IT security, so it’s become extremely important to convey this in an easily understandable way when we meet both existing customers and potential new ones.

I really enjoy first-time meetings with customers and work hard to quickly create trust in our being the right supplier for them.

What is your work area?

We often team up with technical staff in meetings so we can quickly achieve the first milestone, which is to deliver an offer. There’s a great deal of variation in knowledge when it comes to IT in the various companies we work with, and being able to work in a team has been crucial in getting things done quickly.

For many companies, IT is a necessary evil that just has to work. They are often nervous about making changes, even to solutions that aren’t working properly. If there isn’t a concrete question, we often perceive that it’s important for the customer to be seen. That they’re not a small customer with a big supplier and therefore not prioritised if they need help. This is an important point in communication and the process of entering into a partnership.

What have you previously done before joining Nordlo?

I used to work in sales, on the Finn.no brand. And I held sales courses for companies. I also worked as an advisor in the development sector and do coaching in restructuring processes.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

When I work at the office, I’d always start the day with a quick round of the office to say good morning to everyone. Then I normally have a look through my mailbox, check which meetings are scheduled and update my knowledge of the businesses by doing a bit of research online. The rest of the day is spent holding meetings, sending offers, and following up on current offers.

What is Nordlo like as a workplace?

We’re a relatively new department at Nordlo, but we’re already seeing the value of being part of a bigger group. Even though we operate at a local level, there’s a great deal of value in being able to collaborate across locations. Not only for deliveries to bigger customers, but also being able to offer existing customers services and competence that we don’t have ourselves.

What is the most developmental aspect at Nordlo?

An enjoyable challenge, and one that I like, is to adapt to all the different people you have a dialogue with in meetings. Remembering that you have two ears and one mouth, so that the sales process is about listening and adapting to the customer and their needs, instead of being perceived as being overbearing in the process where the customer might have a very low level of knowledge.


Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

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At Nordlo we constantly look for people with IT competence and a passion for sustainable change, where our innovation shape the future within IT and digitisation. Even if we are not looking for a specific role at this very moment, we are always keen to hear from you who wishes to work with us. Please feel free to send us your application here.

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