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Anders Hultbrand

Recruiter and HR manager, Nordlo in Gothenburg

"We want our employees to feel invited and involved, and it must be fun to come into the office!"

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Hi Anders, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what your job involves?

Hi! I work at Nordlo in Gothenburg, and share my time between the office in Trollhättan and at Lindholmen. I started my career as a technician, but over time my duties have become more about HR and recruitment. This means that I do a lot of work on our resource requirements and deliveries. Both at a local level for the offices where I’m based, and for the whole of Nordlo by supporting our work at group level, with the aim of making Nordlo attractive for new colleagues.

One thing I focus on in my recruitment is finding younger colleagues to invest in. This is why we collaborate a lot with various schools and universities in order to convey knowledge about Nordlo as a workplace. For us, it’s invaluable to find young talents who have the chance to grow in the company and the opportunity to adapt their role according to their interests.  

What do you do when you’re not working?

Apart from spending time with my family and friends, I take a keen interest in sport. Above all I watch a lot of football, following and cheering on Manchester United, a devotion that just gets stronger with every passing year. I’m also very interested in exercise myself, and enjoy keeping fit. At the moment I, like many others, enjoy playing padel. What I like about padel is that it’s easy for anyone to get into the game and anyone can take part, no matter how keen you are on exercise in general, it’s fun for all – whether you play at the top level or are a leisure player. There’s actually a group of us at work who usually play together! 

Can you describe a normal working day for you?

Day-to-day work for me consists of a lot of HR work in the form of responding to and following up on staff cases and various questions from my colleagues. The amount of time I spend on recruitment varies a great deal, sometimes it’s quieter and sometimes more intensive. But in general I make sure I’m aware of which needs arise within our business and which skills we need to look for. My day-to-day duties also include follow-up on interviews, other forms of feedback, structuring employment contracts, etc. Pretty much the whole life cycle in a recruitment process. 

What’s Nordlo like as a workplace?

Nordlo is characterised by openness and involvement, and I’d say that no one hides behind closed doors in our company. We want our employees to feel invited and involved, and it must be fun to come into the office! There’s also a lot going on all the time, so things are never dull. In general terms, I’d say that Nordlo is the right workplace for people who are engaged, assume responsibility and have an interest in technology.

”We have a strong belief in people driving their own development, and that we as a workplace are there to support you on your journey

How does Nordlo differ from other workplaces?

I believe that the biggest advantage we have, which is also unique, is that there’s plenty of scope for development and that we don’t have hierarchies. As a flat organisation, we offer everyone who wants it the opportunity to assume responsibility and try out new ideas. We have a strong belief in the individual’s journey and work hard to meet our colleagues’ needs and desires. In practice, this means that you have a major influence on your professional role and your areas of responsibility.

Let’s take me as an example of how we let our colleagues try out new areas of responsibility. Initially I was working as a technician, but when I wanted to try working in HR and recruitment, I was given the chance to do so. And I find it difficult to believe that I’d have had the same chance to change my career path completely at many other workplaces. That opportunity and initiative enabled me to find a new work area that I’m really passionate about, and I now work full time on HR and recruitment!

What kind of competence do you look for when you’re recruiting?

The most important thing for me when I’m recruiting is the personality of the applicants. Competence can always be improved and will also develop over time. By focusing instead on finding people who will fit in with our culture, I believe that the opportunities for development and the motivation are greater than would have been the case otherwise.

When we’re recruiting, we have a strong focus on interviewing as many applicants as possible. This is because we believe this is a good way of not discounting someone too soon. I don’t believe that it’s how well a personal statement or CV is written that determines whether you’re the right candidate for the job. It’s only in conversation that you get a feel for whether there’s a good match!

What activites are you doing together apart from work?

Under normal circumstance there’s actually a lot happening in the office. As a company we come up with some activities, but we also believe, with our open approach, in listening to our employees and their interests. We want all employees to be able to express their interests and create activities based on them, so a lot happens at the initiative of our employees, as we as a workplace get involved and sponsor their ideas. Our only requirement is that it must be available to everyone who wants to join in.

This has resulted in a joint padel team, LAN in the office over the weekend, lunchtime runs, board game evenings and lots of other fun things! The fact that our colleagues socialise in their free time is invaluable and creates strong bonds, which enhances our team spirit and day-to-day work.

How do you work on diversity?

We always consider diversity when we recruit, and have a strong belief in having employees with different experiences, ethnic origins, backgrounds and gender. Like all IT companies, we put a lot of effort into attracting more female technicians, and in this respect we’re involved in various initiatives. For example, in the past we looked for competence through the non-profit association Data Tjej, which is a network for women and non-binary persons who like IT and data.

We also believe in assuming social responsibility and helping people find their first job. It might be that we choose to hire people direct from school, take in people on work placements and summer workers, and offer jobs to people with no previous experience or who are new to the Swedish labour market.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?

Be yourself! We have a strong belief in people driving their own development, and that we are there to support you on your journey. How far you can go is determined solely by your ambitions. We give everyone in or company the chance to develop and create their dream job!  

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

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