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Close Collaboration in Focus as Gothenburg Companies Ramp Up

With a Nordic presence and local roots, Office IT-Partner, Zetup, Diacom, and IT-Total merge under a new brand - Nordlo. By being more competitive and sustainable for Nordic organizations, the companies will grow together with a unique and local presence.

A joint offering and shared values will unite the four companies on their journey towards being a leading Nordic IT supplier, having the most satisfied customers and employees in the industry.

- Digitalization for us is a human craft. It is about understand how digital solutions can help, make things easier, and enhance the entire business. Our strong culture and personal customer relationships have been key to our success so far, and it will represent the foundation for our work moving forwards, says Mats Franzén, CEO formerly Zetup, now Nordlo Gothenburg.

Together, Nordlo offers a wider range of services in order to create digital solutions that lead to better places to work, enriched customer experiences, and faster growth.

- Digitalization is all about everyday life made easier, but it is also about creating platforms and solutions for the future. We go to work in the morning in order to provide organizations with a digital advantage, and we are there throughout the journey from where the customer is today and into the future, says Claes Willén, CEO formerly Dicom, now Nordlo Gothenburg.

Would you like to know more? Contact:
Mats Franzén, CEO formerly Zetup och Nordlo Göteborg: 070-447 29 09, mats.franzen@nordlo.com
Claes Willén, CEO formerly Dicom och Nordlo Göteborg: 086-92 92 52, claes.willen@nordlo.com

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