Meet our staff

We have collected a few interviews with people working at Nordlo. Here you can read about what everyday life looks like for a CEO at Nordlo, to the challanges that meet our service technicians and many more. Click on the type of role below that interests you and you will be able to read more about what it’s like to work at Nordlo. 

"The outcome is
always better when
work together"

Paula Ahlander

CEO, Nordlo, Jönköping

Magnus Blomberg

Technical manager at Nordlo Improve (formerly Zetup), Gothenburg

Linn Nicolaisen

Technician, Dalarna/Falun

Anette Vejdegren

In charge of region Stockholm, at Improve, Kista

Sanela Yetek

System developer, Nyköping

Axel Löfquist

Service technician, Stockholm City, Stockholm

Paula Ahlander

CEO, Nordlo, Jönköping

Linn Nicolaisen

IT-tekniker, Dalarna/Falun

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