Grow together with Nordlo

We get up every morning to give organisation a digital advantage with the power to develop society, and we are getting better at it every day.

Meet our talents

Whether starting your career or an experienced expert, there's a place for everyone here. Get an insight into what it's like to work at Nordlo, and get to know us a bit better.

Jenny Brännlund

Development Lead & Quality Manager, Nordlo in Umeå & Lycksele

“It was an amazing feeling, getting a job before I graduated”

Lisa Grenholm

Servicedesk Specialist , Nordlo in Umeå & Lycksele

“Once a month we talk about the workplace and what we want to improve”

Jakob Nordanbro

Support technician, Nordlo in Falun

“As employees, we can always be involved and contribute to decisions”

Linn Ericsson

Supply manager, Nordlo in Karlshamn

“Nordlo is a workplace where there’s every opportunity for development”

Kjetil Simonsen

Senior system consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

“What I appreciate most, and what is most developing for me, is the influence you have around well-thought-out choices and configurations.”

Roy Aase

Support Consultant, Nordlo in Haugesund

”It means a lot for the work environment that everyone gets to be involved in influencing decisions and how we should work”

Anneli Waleniussen

Account manager, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

“I really enjoy first-time meetings with customers and work hard to quickly create trust in our being the right supplier for them”

Daniel Ryen

Senior consultant, Nordlo in Sarpsborg

“What develops and challenges me is problems that I’ve not experienced before and don’t know the solution to”

Per-Arne Sandström

Sales manager in IT, Nordlo in Malmö & Helsingborg

“The thing that drew me to Nordlo was the structure of the organisation”

Viktor Gustavsson

Digital business developer, Nordlo in Borås

“Nordlo is a really “flat” organisation which allows individuals to think for themselves and make their own decisions”

Daniel Stööp

Advisor, Nordlo in Gävle

“I think Nordlo has a really strong, sound culture and an excellent working climate”

Mattias Jadesköld

IT architect, Nordlo in Stockholm

“There's a lot of freedom here, and you can shape your role to suit your personality and preferences”

Paula Ahlander

CEO, Nordlo in Jönköping

“We want to create conditions that enable everyone to be at their best at work, both personally and in terms of skills”

Magnus Blomberg

Technical manager, Nordlo in Gothenburg

“We have a personal, relaxed culture where soft values are important both inside the company and in relationships with our customers”

Linn Nicolaisen

Technician, Nordlo in Falun

“The workplace is great for anyone who wants to develop both as a person and in their professional role”

Sanela Yetek

System developer, Nordlo in Nyköping

“New and exciting things happen all the time. I'm always coming across new challenges and opportunities”

We work together

Great things happen when we put our wise heads together. It makes us stronger, leads to new perspectives and more ways ahead. As team players, we are attentive and show respect for each other, and build strong relationships that develop over time. Our culture is something we are proud of; companionship and our shared expertise give us a boost, and at the same time, we have fun along the way.


We do things from the heart

We run our projects and take responsibility for them with big hearts and great passion. We are passionately dedicated to sustainable change where our innovation shapes the future of IT and digitisation. Solutions and ideas that make a real difference for our customers come from our organisation's every corner.


We create business value

We have a devoted and genuine desire to do what is right for the customer and our employees, where users show the way to the solution that creates the most value. We act professionally in every situation, and we challenge ourselves to meet the customer's needs with solutions that create a competitive edge and sustainable growth.

A place for challenges

Nordlo's success derives from around 900 fantastic individuals who all share a passion for IT and digital solutions that have the power to change.

At Nordlo, our entrepreneurial spirit is part of the company's fabric, and we pay tribute to everyone willing to develop within their profession, take a step into the unknown and take their own initiative by constantly challenging themselves.

If this sounds like home to you, then step right in; together we will shape sustainable companies and create a better society.

Job vacancies

Spontaneous application

We at Nordlo are always looking for people with expertise in the IT industry and a passionate commitment to sustainable change, where our innovation shapes the future of IT and digitalization. Even if you don't find a specific role at the moment, we are always interested in hearing from you if you want to work with us. Feel free to send your spo...

Do your internship or practical training at Nordlo

At Nordlo, we are always looking for individuals with expertise in the IT industry and a passion for sustainable change, where our innovation shapes the future of IT and digitalization. While we may not advertise specific internships or practical training positions, we are always interested in hearing from those interested in internships with us...

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