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For us, digitisation is a human handicraft, where the right digital solutions simplify and improve everyday life. Together, we are able to create sustainable growth in setting up your organisation for the future, with the power to create a better society.

Our journey began already in the 1980s as five independent companies — Office IT-Partner, Dicom, Zetup NetComp and Norwegian IT total. Over the years we have handled various industries and challenges, always with a focus on people. It is the closeness to the customer that have been and is the key to our success.

We can be found in multiple cities

Nordlo is a new chapter in our history and Nordlo Group comprises a strong challenger within IT infrastructure, cloud services and digitisation for companies and organisations throughout the Nordics.

Today, we comprise around 850 employees in 46 offices spread across Norway and Sweden, with the ambition to grow in the Nordic market, and always close to the people and organisations that we work with. Find your nearest office.

850 employees

We can be found in 46 places in Sweden and Norway. We are constantly growing organically and through new acquisitions.

46 local offices

Thanks to our many offices and dedicated employees, we are able to get close to the customer's business

1.9 billion

Today, Nordlo has sales totalling 1.9 billion SEK with the ambition to be twice the size within three years

12 group companies

The former Swedish companies Acon, Dicom, Insignis, Interlan, Netcomp, Office IT-Partner, Zetup and Norwegian Appex Operations, Fana Data, IT total, Lerøen Datapartner and Nisec merged to become Nordlo.

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There is a clear, unifying theme in our organisation that can be summarised as closeness. We seek to work close to our customers with a local presence, even if they are international. We act locally, build close relationships and truly strive to understand their businesses in depth. We also work constantly to put our solutions in a human context to reduce the distance between technology and user. Our ambition and desire is to never be satisfied, to constantly improve, challenge and change.

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Top rankings in customer satisfaction

  • Top ranking in Radar's annual customer satisfaction survey
  • Ten years running
  • Customer focused collaboration and long-term relationships mean recurring results
  • A great big thank you to our fantastic customers!

Customer case

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Zetup 1986

In 1986, Zetup became part of the Semcon group, but the foundation to today's Zetup was not laid until 2001.

Dicom 1986

Dicom started up in 1986 and expanded as customer requirements grew and new technology became available.

Office IT-Partner 1992

In 1992, Esselte Office was transformed into a franchise chain. In 1997, Office IT-Partner and the franchise chain became a membership chain.

IT total 2004

In 2004, IT Total AS was formed and two years later merged with Procon Electronics, a member in the Norwegian Mobildata chain, that provided the company with the market's best purchasing agreements.

FSN 2018

On 28 June 2018, investment company FSN Capital acquired all of Office IT-Partner, Zetup and Dicom. Two more companies were acquired in 2019 – Norwegian IT total and Swedish Netcomp.

Februari 2019

Fredrik Almén took up his position as the new Group CEO on 1 February.
FSN Capital acquired Norwegian IT total

Maj 2019

Nordlo was launched on 6 May 2019, as the Nordics' new IT and digitisation partner

August 2019

The 12th August 2019, Nordlo aquires the Swedish company Netcomp with offices in the regions of Blekinge and Kronoberg.

January 2020

Nordlo acquires the IT supplier insignis with operations in the Örebro region.

January 2020

Nordlo establishes an office in Helsingborg

January 2020

Nordlo acquires Lerøen Datapartner in Bergen, Norway.

January 2020

Nordlo acquires Appex Operations in Haugesund, Norway.

November 2020

Nordlo acquires Nisec in Sarpsborg, Norway.

February 2021

Nordlo acquires Acon in Lycksele and Umeå, Sweden.

April 2022

Nordlo acquires Interlan in Bollnäs, Gävle, Söderhamn, Örnsköldsvik and Östersund, Sweden.

October 2022

Nordlo acquires Fana Data in Bergen, Norway.

We develop society by strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of organisations – both today and tomorrow.

Our sustainability work is based on the goals of Agenda 2030 and is a systematic working method where we evaluate the most important fields to focus on for constant improvement based on inputs from the world at large, our owners, employees, customers and partners. Nice words are all very well, but it’s what we – each and every one of us – do in everyday life and our joint commitment that creates a change. We build our culture on the basis of freedom under responsibility, where we live our values ​​and our purpose: to develop society by strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of Nordic organizations.

Using our ability to develop products and find innovative solutions, we seek constantly to offer and use services and products that have the lowest environmental impact possible. The highest possible energy efficiency and 100% renewable electricity form parts of this.

Nordlos sustainability report 2021

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Companies in the Nordlo group are certified to international ISO standards, and we have received top rankings in Radar's annual customer satisfaction surveys ten years in a row.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ISO 45001:2018

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